Cesare Reggiani: cesare

Cesare Reggiani  is an author of a versatile personality: he started off at the end of the 70s’ as a comic artist, publishing first on magazines ,then albums published in Italy, France and Spain ( Drama, Prigionieri della Meta, Deviazione Cerebrale) .
The latest  and the most appreciated album was born at the beginning of the 80s’ :”Le Dieci Esperienze di Orino Vientellio”.
His interest for the evocative and communicative strength of the single image takes the author to assert himself in the field of the editorial illustration and the communication producing images for many book covers, illustrated books, image magazines, posters, advertising campaigns and calendars.
In this activity he has cooperated with the most important Italian and foreign publishers.
His strong interest for a link between image and literature leads him to the illustration of poetry books,among which the collection by Paolo Melandri called “ Canti della stagione alta.”
His streak of humour makes him write and illustrate an original and amusing tourist guide after a trip to Austria called:” Sul Danubio in bicicletta”.
In 1998 his monographic volume “Esperienze” was published for the anthological exhibition at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Faenza.
His cooperation with architectural and design studies  allows Reggiani to measure himself with large spaces designing and creating projects for large fair complexes, art exhibitions and show rooms.
After years of cooperation with Laura Ferrari he founded “Cabriolet” with her, a study  he will then leave  but he will keep on working creating images.
Being  willing to teach, Reggiani starts this experience at the Institute Albe Steiner in Ravenna and then at ISIA in Faenza.
At the end of 2008 he published  his illustrated book “ Unocadirò” a collection of limericks written and illustrated  using Indian ink.
However, painting which has been always considered  his main personal research, has become his prevailing form of expression starting from the beginning of the 90s’ when he starts living in Paris for some part of the year. Since then he has always organized exhibitions in Italy, France, Holland, USA and Germany.
His versatility and interest in the various artistic languages  recently  has given rise to the musical activity of HistriX, an electro-acoustic creation characterized by sound and images together.
For the 2011 edition of Ravenna Festival Reggiani has created the official image, moreover, a vast selection of his paintings illustrates the programme and the book edited for the occasion. In the occasion of two personal exhibitions in Florence and Berlin a new monographic catalogue of Reggiani’s paintings  is published in 2011.
In 2016 Reggiani founded, in cooperation with other artists, poets and musicians, the atelier "a2mani",  limited editions of Artists' Books. 
Reggiani lives and works between Faenza and Paris.