Cesare Reggiani made his debut at a very young age in the field of author comics, first publishing in magazines, then books published in Italy, France and Spain. The last, and most loved, comic book was born in the early 1980s: “Le dieci esperienze di Orino Vientellio”.
However, the interest in the evocative and communicative power of the single image leads the author to establish himself more and more in the field of editorial illustration and communication, producing images for countless book covers, illustrated books and image magazines, posters, campaigns, calendars.
In this activity he collaborated with the major Italian and foreign publishers.
In 1998, on the occasion of a vast anthological exhibition, the monographic volume “Esperienze” was published.
In 2002, after years of collaboration, he founded the Cabriolet studio with Laura Ferrari, with whom he continues to collaborate in the creation of images.
In 2016, in collaboration with other artists, the a2mani editions were born, an atelier of editions of artist books, illustrated books and music albums.
A sincere predisposition to teach led Reggiani to teach first at the Albe Steiner Institute in Ravenna, then at the ISIA in Faenza.